Datin Fadilah Uncensored Home Pics

Another thumps up to member of the Barisan Nasional Coalition (or Collision?). Someone just sent some photos of the wife of a top notch BN member. Her name is given as Datin Fadilah.

If you have more info, please discuss it here. Meanwhile click on the link to enjoy the view of a beautifully corrupted wife of a MP.

Photos are probably taken by the MP himself or a close relative. She is scandalous enough to be photographed while bathing, so this leakage served her right. Enjoy...



  1. this scandal may not be true.
    give me your email and i'll email u photos and the full story of a tan sri who kicked his wife out of the house and is staying there now with his mistress.

  2. diz is my email chialw@hotmail.com

    i want to know the story. juicy!

  3. Her boob so fake, implant?

  4. anon, where is the tan sri story? i keep coming back to look for tht update but nuthin....

  5. more at

  6. http://official-information.blogspot.com/







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  8. sent the all the pic

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  12. see more pictures here http://bit.ly/eqRiTR

  13. http://hotfile.com/dl/96544017/ad83c60/leaked_UM_student_private_photo.zip.html

  14. what a fake boobs

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  16. wow..wow
    see more..

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