Malay Girls Car Wash Show

Well, it looked more like a motorcycle wash show than car wash. Nevertheless, if a muslim woman is to be caned for drinking a can of beer, then these group of girls should be put in jail or be stoned to death by the Syariah Courts for not wearing the tudung and for wearing only shorts in an open public places. Ho ho!


  1. Might be philippinos dude.

  2. Uncovered meat attracts animals. Muslim men if exposed to such a scene can run amock and rape these girls and in accordance with some muslim clerics will not be found guilty.

  3. Ummm...actually in Hudud law, drinking alcohol gets a tougher penalty than indecent exposure. *shrugs*

  4. ahh the wonder of religious bias. i guess christians or buddhist or whatever the fuck u slit eyes nowadays think is cool to be would not rape these girls. u just would rob them their money and suck them dry. just what u would do to any country who are full of ur kind. seems like the biggest country in the world cant support u guys anymore. just rob others. shrugs

  5. ha haa u people will never change

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  7. My grandpa told me that these girls turns him to get Generic Viagra to enjoy with his girlfriends. I can't believe it ha ha.

  8. joseph tan lan cau:

    this does not make you better than the rest of the world you stinking pervert

  9. see her pictures here

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