Malay X-ray Room

Receive a video that claimed it was from a Malaysia Government Hospital. There is this Malay lady in pink tudung, get very naughty with her "boy friend" (or "FK buddy"). After all the business, she took an x-ray film and look at it under the light. Then smile to the camera before leaving the room with the x-ray film. Here is the screen shot.

Too bad the resolution is not that clear when export as image, but you can see how happy she is even though is just a short session.

According to Malaysia latest news, it is said that one of the most googled keyword phrases by Malaysians is "Malay x-ray room".

Yes, the notorious video clips featuring a Malay couple doing naughty stuff inside an X-Ray room of a local hospital. Both video clips featuring a typical gadis Melayu (Malay lady) wearing Baju Kurung and tudung (headgear) and her plump male partner.
Watch the video and you know the convenience of wearing Baju Kurung, when you want a quickie. Just pull up the long loose skirt and roll down your undies.

You don't need to waste time downloading from Torrents, Rapidshare or Megaload. Just go to adult site like Hamster and you can watch those two clips of gadis Melayu bertudung and her fat man in action.

A VIDEO clip showing a couple having sex in an X-ray room in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur has become a hot topic, coming on the heels of the bedroom photos of Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong.

Kosmo! in its front page reported that the video clip was recorded by the couple “as a rememberance of their passionate moments together”.

It also published a picture of them making love.

The man, believed to be a hospital employee, had sneaked his tudung-clad girlfriend into the X-ray room recently for the amorous tryst.

Their “performance” is now circulating not only in the Internet but from handphone to handphone.

According to Kosmo!, the six-minute clip shows, among other things, the woman stripping her sarong before her lover, clad in a pink shirt and black pants, performs sexual acts with her.


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