Scandalous RM600 passport - root cause of Chinese/Indian discontent with BN

A developing country with the most expensive passport in the world!

That is Malaysia. And the reasons is never fully explained by the govt. But to the Chinese and Indians, it is obvious that this is targeted at them. Chinese and Indians need to travel for survival, as their opportunities in Malaysia are restricted by the biased and racist govt policies, and also they are the ones with the many relatives in their root countries or nearby countries.

Do you want to spend RM600 to "buy" a passport just to make a once in a lifetime trip to nearby Singapore or Thailand to attend the wedding dinner of a cousin or attend funeral of a siblings? For funeral, you will not be likely to attend given the short notice and the long duration by the Immigration to issue an expensive passport. But you will always remember the reason for not being able to attend - the
RM300 passport imposed by Barisan Nasional.

Many, especially the poor, who couldn't afford the RM600 will always remember those lost moments that they could have had with their loved ones, thanks to the BN. They will tell the world and their next generation about it, and voice their missing moments with their loved ones in the ballot box.

For those already having a passport, rich or poor, they will be painfully reminded of the corruption and the discrimination they had to suffer under the BN, every few years, when they renew their passports. The actual cost of making a passport is less than RM10. So the RM600 ringgit passport has the word "corruption" written all over it. It is also a stark reminder of the anti-Chinese and anti-Malay mentality that is hidden behind the faces of UMNO members.

I was told Singaporeans paid only S$15 processing fee to get their passport with a 10-year duration. And we all know how prosperous Singapore is, without having to tax their citizens on some necessities like a passport. They are happy to have their own citizens going abroad and bringing home huge amount of money to stimulate the

Many would think that making a passport is a small and insignificant procedure, and those rich Indians and Chinese should have no problem paying up. They forgot, only 15% of the Chinese/Indians are considered rich, and the other 85% had only the ballot box to let out their frustrations. And let out their frustrations they did, as shown in the results of the last General Election.

The low IQ ministers we had in Malaysia, will never understand why they are losing votes. After all, they have built many shopping malls, mosques, bridges and highways. To BN, these Chinese and Indians were unfaithful and disloyal. They will never realise that most people, especially the poorer folks, don't go to such places and use such facilities. But they will need a passport to get out of the country to earn a living elsewhere.

What these UMNO good-for-nothing need to learn is to built bridges with the people, and they will go a long way, by charging their own countrymen a fair and reasonable price for processing a passport instead of using it as a tool to show their displeasure with the non-Bumiputras.

A passport is no different from an IC or a Birth Cert. Everyone must have one, and only one. And we pay huge tax to the govt every year, because of these identifications. By right, it should be given free like our BC.

So as a Malaysian, always remember when you are queuing up for hours renewing or making a passport, never vote for a corrupted, abusive, time wasting and blood sucking BN into power.


  1. You must be one frustrated individual with some dishonest agenda. Your article is full of lies. I recently got a new passport. It cost less than RM100 for a thick book and about RM60 for the smaller book; AND it only took me one hour to get my passport. You accuse the government of being stupid when we have one of the most modern and advance immigration systems in the world. You are the stupid one by thinking that Malaysians are so stupid to believe the lies you write. Please do not insult our intelligence. It is sad to see a Malaysian product like you that does not know how to be proud of your own country.

  2. Only minister can get their passport for RM100 and get it in one hour. Most modern and advance immigration systems in the world? My foot! Obviously you have not been to the one at Kota Baru or even Johor Baru.

  3. I paid RM300 for my passport...
    and forked another RM900 for my wife and 2 kids last time we travel overseas 2 years ago... and yess... I vote opposition for change!

    I'm middle class income malay...
    and no dishonest agenda...

    I just wanna bring my family to witness different view and culture...

    and decide their own future...

  4. What RM100 RM60 passport. Do you think you are in the 80's now? Or do you live in a cave?

  5. I too agree that you are stupid thinking that Malaysians will believe the lies you write. Please do not insult our intelligence. It is sad to see a Malaysian like you that does not know how to be proud of your own country.

  6. Rm100 for a thick book?..mayb you should check the Immigration Department's website ( is stated there RM300 & RM600 for the 32 & 64 pages it's either you're the stupid one or the website...either way it is so stupid of you to claim that it only cost u Rm100 for your passport..or mayb u're one of the govenment servants having all those privileges..or in other words wasting tax payer's money..even so you don't have to post it for ppl to shoot u back..u didn't do ur homework..stupid fella like you should just live in the cave and stay in Malaysia forever..that is what happening in our country..full of facilities but just damn too lazy to find for the end of the day you're the one which is losing out..not us..anyway thanks for the post.

  7. The passport fee for Singaporean is:
    S$80 for applications done at the Counter
    S$70 (after a S$10 rebate) for applications done Online or by Post/Deposit Box

    For driving license it is a one-time fee of S$50 for Photocard Driving Licence (changed from annual fee of S$20 sometime in 2004, which is a great savings to many drivers)

    I think the issue here is not about the issue of pride of nation. It is the issue of fair pricing for public service rendered. The first time passport fee/renewal must cover the cost of issuance (ie proessing fees plus the physical cost of passport book) and there should not be excessive profiteering by the Malaysian Immigration department. Deterrent penalty fee can be imposed for subsequent replacement fees for lost or damaged passport as it is the responsibility of citizen to take good care of his/her passport.

    If it cost RM100 to process a passport

  8. What about Indonesia ? Paying almost 1000 ringgit for an Exit fee , not even a passport . Everytime you leave Indonesia you pay .

    At least here in Malaysia they don't do that .
    For Thailand there is the border pass that you can apply for a few bucks only and restricted to between Thailand and Malaysia .

    So what your agenda here ? Please don't put crap and bullshit here . I agree for those who don't travel that often can always go for the 32 pg passport costing 300 ringgit . You did not even mentioned 300 ringgit to you its all 600 ringgit . As for Singapore there used to be the restricted passport , I do not know whether its still around costing tuppence and only for traveling to Singapore .

  9. why the hell u want to compare Malaysia with Indonesia..if they are paying 1000 ringgit for an exit fee do we need to be happy with ours?..RM300 (minimum) or should we just lower it down in comparison with a better country?..i guess whoever is in here knows about internet and also web browsing and look at Indonesia? it better compared to Malaysia or is it as corrupted as Malaysia?..the issues over here is pricing and reasons for lowering the don't compare with someone/something which is worse than to improve if you have that kind of mentality?..practise makes perfect but wrong practise won't make you perfect..

  10. Sigh....I guess lets migrate to Singapore someday and become their citizen. Unfortunately is a tough time over there....

    As long as BN still in control, it will not change until ppl change them....

    Conclusion, please take good care pursue where it interested us most!!

  11. You coconuts anti goverment people. What is that RM 300 or RM 600. If you can travel overseas for holidays spending thousands. What's that rm 300/600. Hey idiot that rm300 you pay is not for 1 time use.
    Secondly stop comparing us with Singapore. Look at their tax structure 1st and compare with ours. They are paying much higher. Opps I forgot, I presume you don't pay tax. (Anti goverment mah!!!)

    As for those who work oversea (illegally I mean) If I am not mistaken the agents charging form rm6000 - 15000 to get you a job overseas. Where is the mathmatics.

    Stop to think. DON'T JUST BARK!!!! Without BN we will be still living in trees. That what the DEveloped Nations think of Malaysia in the 60's

    ----Chiller Choong------

  12. "Without BN we will be still living in trees"

    That's the mentality for the downfall...
    Please dont underestimate people intelligence... Only the desperate will use threat...

    I stop and think...
    Without GOD power BN would not even exist...

  13. Only 'idiot' like to call others 'idiot' just to make them feel smart...

    The issue is whether we are paying the right price for our passport... Why suddenly somebody felt so threaten?!...

  14. Just to clarify some mistake in the article. Singaporean pay 70SGD for a passport renewal of 5 year. Not 15 as stated in the article. Number are sensitive. 70 and 15 are bigger difference.

  15. end of story.. Malaysia sucks! Hey Chiller Chong, you go lah suck MCA's ass.. you pathetic ASSHOLE sucker!

    I suppose without BN you wont be playing computer now. Why? Because then your father wont have so much corrupted money to spend on his kids, right!


    COme 7th May.. there'll be a big change in Perak! You comelah! Cibai Chiller Chong!

  16. Yes U r right. My passport cost Rm 300. Bastard BN are taxing non Malays to finance their race who are breeding like ants. The majority race expects minorities to subsidise them and feel no shame at all. They have the best jobs with life long pensions and leave some crumbs for the rest. This is economic deprivation genocide. The Incas were decimated by slavery genocide imposed by Spanish and they lost the will to live. Rich Chinese bastards only help Malays not poor Chinese.

    Please get your currency correct. It is Indonesia Rupiah 1,000 that you paid at the airport. Convert back to Ringgit, how much is it.

    b)Restricted passport is history.

    First of all look at their standard of living. You are still able to have a chicken rice for S$2.50 (please don't convert, as you work there you spend there) we have to pay RM3.50 ~ RM4.00.
    Second, their fresh grade gets S$2,000.00, here we get RM1,500.00

  18. The fact is that it is only RM300 for 32 pages, and RM600 for 64 pages please refer to

  19. fair to for doubt there r legions of racist and biased policy makers out there,but let our views b positive n not be like THEM just b'cos v r so freakin frustrated.i work in s'pore n paid rm300 4 d passport with a 2 hour waiting time when i went 4 a renewal.honourable writer need 2 get his facts attuned to reality.4 d record,im a non-malay n pro-opposition.

  20. I've recently paid USD100 for a USA passport. I thought that was expensive compare to a USD30 Hong Kong passport. Less than 25% of Americans carry passport because most cannot afford the cost of a passport and/or traveling.

    RM600 is like USD170. New talk about being a sucker in a blood-sucking government. So yes congratulation, your Malay passport is the world most expensive passport.

    It's funny someone mention 1000 Indonesian Rupiah exit fee. Isn't that's like ... < 0.5 Ringgit? Now just let more of these intellectual Bumiputera running your government, and hopefully Malaysia can become a second Indonesia in the region, good luck.

  21. The govt has come to its conscience, at least, to lower the passport fee to RM100, BUT ONLY FOR 2 YEARS! Its still damp expensive!!!

  22. Either chiller chong is a stupid moron or he's been hiding in a tree all these time.
    u wan to the standard of living, the quality of life. MODERN and advance immigration system..OMG, i DO think he live in tress. Do you know how many freaking hours u have to wait for ur passports? At least some BN members do acknowledge their mistakes. while some just dont. If it continue, the poor will suffer while the educated and wealthy ones would prefer 'moving out'. To the current goverment supporters please do think from our views, voices of disatisfaction doesnt come out of no where. Some of us dont enjoy the excessive priveleges which SOME of you have but at least make it more tolerable for the rest of us. STOP making excuses when THERE IS a problem, the intelligent way is finding a solution.
    I dont see the point paying the amount of money for passport renewal. While the system which goverment department works raises the hair behind my neck, its such a nuisance and nightmare when u're obligated to 'beg and pay' them to help us with some documents. You could ask anyone regarding the issue.

  23. If you're a non-bumiputra and you dont feel okay with all our comment then you're either naive or you're just plain stupid. If you're a bumiputra and you do agree with our comments about the flaws with our goverment's system then CONGRATULATIONS, you are one of the minorities bumi-putra which would be bridging the weakening relationship between the non and the bumiputras of our future. For those bumi-putra who doesn't agree,then you're those people which just doesn't really uses your senses. Then just stay out of the way which those who really care for our future .

  24. Dear Wan Halim Osman
    i'm adressing you this real life fact...which u are saying its JUST 300 and its JUST 600 ....
    For us, this 300 and 600 meant alot to us...we dont have any tax rebates, loan favor, and lots of other subsidize. For us when you earn 2k...its 2k...for some of the more fortunate like you, when you earn 2k, you doesn't need to pay for MOST stuff.. be frank, how many rebate and benefits you have comparing to us. For the rich, paying 300 or 600 for passport while going for holiday travels costs us mayb 3k. But get the facts right, do we need to pay the goverment 10%/20% of how much we use for our holidays(AND REMEMBER THESE MONEY ARE OUR HARD EARNED MONEY). We don't get any money for having more children, we dont get rebates for buying houses or vehicles. We DONT have the privileges to LOAN money for our buisness free of interest(without the need to return them).So, i suppose we need to pay for spending money holidaying overseas now..
    You know what, for me which have the privilege for higher education(all thanks for my parents) ..i wont forget the fairness for scholarships and subjects offered to us NON-Malays. Some okay studied malay could easily obtain their chances of studying doc while us which STUDIED MUCCCCCCCCCCCHHHH better would have to settle down for some 2nd option. Maybe, the goverment think letting the less intelligent groups(by choice) studying for the top jobs does good to our country...To tell the truth if this continue, how u expect the talented would continue staying in a country which doesn't value them.

    DEAR OSMAN, it pisses me off when those who doens't understand the value of money to those less privileged ones and have the nerves to comments. sorry for my rudeness if i do hurt your feelings. Its not a crime to be stupid but it is ,if you tend to be naive.

  25. Fact
    RM100, 18 months,
    RM300, 54 months,
    RM600, 54 months, (thicker)Last 6 months of passport = useless !
    I (non bumi) paid RM300 for 18 months, (replacement of lost), a similar case for bumi RM300 for 54 monhts, fact occured on 17 Aug.2009 at Damasara Immigration off.

  26. Singapore, Vietnam, USA passport all valid for 10 years, and much thicker than 32 pages (Msia standard size)

  27. there is one country passport costing $1400+ that is the world most expensive passport

  28. As Malaysian, we should be proud to call ourselves MALAYSIANS... How am I to be proud when this country treats me like shit!

    Some of us were denied of scholarship because it was already given to the BN's sons and daughters. Latest facts!

    Some of us were denied loans and grants, simply because we are not Malay. Ironically, we are called MALAY-sians.

    Unpaid debts by BN are called bad debts! Unpaid debts by us will result in bankcruptcy and black-listeing.

    Instead of going forward to 2020 we are now more backward to 0202! All this in terms of corruption, tyrany and selfish leaders!

    Some of us are more proud to say we are Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban, Orang asli than to say we are MALAY-sian.

    Now we need to PAY RM300 for a bloody passport and you know why? Because BN need to pay "UNDER TABLE" with every cents we give them so that they can win votes, that they can stay on top and continue feeding on our hard erned money so they can have a freaking luxurious lifestyle when there are so many poor Malaysian out here needing help and proper facilities.

    Time for a change!!!

  29. good post...rm100 passport? go fly kite la u, if u know it is for 2 yrs la.....u ingat kita ni senang ambil 1 day leave (if lucky tat no system down) and apply from wee hour in the morning till noon? all these are truth la

  30. from all the shit you people say about bn
    they helped alot of people too...dont know la
    from all the bad they did alot of good too.
    i gotta say i cannot see other people that is going for presidency can do better.i see them doing much more worse than this 'problem' everyone is stating.

  31. i jus recently paid rm300 for a thin passport,,i'm part chinese n a buddhist n most of the malay families i knew r nice,loving n peaceful ppls,,yes i do aggree that most politicians n civil servants in malaysia are corrupted,cruely unfair to the chinese n indians n umno is actually preaching hatred among the races,,,,,

  32. >>>You quote "Chinese and Indians need to travel for survival, as their opportunities in Malaysia are restricted by the biased and racist govt policies, and also they are the ones with the many relatives in their root countries or nearby countries."

    Why can't the Chinese and Indians be thankful that they can live peacefully here in Malaysia? Look around you... how many business enterprises are owned by the Chinese? Has the Malaysia government ever stopped them from making and building wealth in this country? You should be thankful to the Malays forefathers for allowing you to share this country with them and live in prosperity! If you are soooo unhappy with the Malaysian government, you are welcomed to apply citizenship in other countries. We don't need people like you.... the ungrateful lots!

    >>You quote"they are the ones with the many relatives in their root countries or nearby countries."

    Now you mentioned it... I'm sure they'll welcome and embrace you...

  33. Any so-called citizen who always complain this and that just to satisfy his/her lust for everything are most welcome to disregard Malaysia as their country. Please find a country that suits your needs. Malaysia is for Malaysians. Malaysians are not stupid. Oppositions are stupid. They only pretend to look smart by questioning this and that so that stupid people (hopefully not you) look up to them as a saviour.

  34. 2 years passport only RM100 mah. u can afford thousands expenses going overseas but cannot afford RM100 meh?

  35. yes a lot of business is own by chinese but u know if your company want to be public listed is must have amount of percentage of bumi director n workers is this call fair ....

  36. I made 3 times all cost me RM 300! We are chinese!! Stop lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  37. I mean each time RM300 total RM 900!!!