Datuk Seri Nazri Caught Naked with a Woman

The Star Online article below mentioned that these photos are not that of Nazri, but the "not Nazri" is in quotations. So you know the reporters being force to write the crap for the politicians did not believe what they were being told. Now if we only knew who they quoted. For sure it was a man with a gun. Here is the first draft of the article:

"Man in photo with woman ‘not Nazri’

KUALA LUMPUR: A photograph, posted on gutteruncensored.com showing a man with a woman in a compromising position, is not that of Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz as claimed by the foreign blog.

One of the other photographs is, however, that of Nazri, who is shown sitting on a couch at Parliament lobby.

The owner of the blog claimed that the photographs were sent by a contributor several months ago.

Nazri declined to comment when contacted but people familiar with the politician said it was not him."


  1. This is like the case not too long along "It looks like me, it sounds like me, but it is not me"

  2. alamak...true...can see the different its not dato nazri...maybe dato wanna be..in that case, dato-2 please careful where you do and what you said...nowadays people are too free and like to see and hear gossip...

  3. as long as there is money power from corruption, malaysia boleh.

  4. ini gambar byk celaka... jgn kasi masuk la...
    kalau masuk.. kasi gamba itu kaw kaw.. br ho ho liaw.

    ini org bukan nazri ooo.. hidung dia x sama.
    ini org lagi hensem ooo.. lagi bagus.. dia berani buat benda2 mcm nie.. respect dia oooo
    lagi itu nazri penakut oo.. nanti dia berak pun mau pasang lampu siang hari oo..

    jadi , ini bukan nazri ma...
    lu kasi masuk ini barang apa guna. huh..bikin wa suspek nazri la.

  5. obviously, it wasnt him...face feature especially the nose is different from the 'true' Dato Nazri ...lol..

  6. abusing of cyber freedom...abusing of freedom!!! Try to be more pro & mature..Mr so call democratic...we are very tired of these type of abusing...try to get more solid proof if u are sincere....of u r just kidding!

  7. hahaha it's so obvious that it's not him. just cuz the man with the woman is BALD, you quickly assume it's Nazri? C'mon you can tell it's not him, it's a diff man. but this is a funny post.

  8. hahaha...
    all rich people like to make sex video...

  9. apala bodoh punya org...dah tentula tu tah mamat jual beger mana tah dok ngaku yang muka dia macam dato' nazri... sedarla diri skt kwn..klau gentle kluarla,xpun datang bersidang kat parlimen...kata muka sama!kalau ya pun dato' nazri ada pompuan pun, dia blh pg tmpat2 5 star yg korang sendiri pun x blh nk pg ngok! pk guna otak la

  10. Can you just look at the photos carefully? That is obviously not him. First of all, the man in the photos with the woman is young. They have the same facial structures, yes, but Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Tan Sri Abdul Aziz is older, darker, and a bit wider. Note the skin quality. It's of a younger man's. It is so obvious that Nazri is being framed for something.

    Also, that man in the first two photos is looking straight at the camera like it's a photo op. Do you think a senior politician would not be more discreet if he were to have pictures of him taken like that? C'mon. This is one of the oldest tricks in the books.

    BTW, I do a lot of graphic art, and as any good graphic artist can tell you, it is easy manipulate elements in a photograph to make it look like something else.

  11. the owner of this site will have to do a lot of answering in the hereafter.