Malaysian Hospital Surgeon Sex Scandal

"Attached to the email was a text file saying that these pictures were taken at SJMC Hospital. These pictures look shocking to say the least but I am not sure what exactly it is showing. Its either a couple having nasty kinky rolling playing sex in a hospital or its a person in taking advantage of an unconscious woman in a hospital. In the hidden camera pictures you can see the male taking polaroids of the victim. The possibility of a rape happening to a patient under anesthetic is reality in many parts of the world and it might now be reality in Malaysia. These pictures seem to be screen shots from a spycam video so the full-length footage is out there. If this is real the poor woman most likely has no knowledge of the incident but hopefully the asshole who did this get exposed. " - quote from

Scandal Video Link

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  1. wow....malaysian head la...even uneducated people also dont do that...maybe after too much study...brain damage..