Genting Casino Sex Scandal - grand-daughter of Lim Goh Tong???

Hey Malaysia, are you ready for a firebomb? There are a handful of photos floating around the Internet supposedly of one of Lim Goh Tong's grand-daughters. These pictures were first sent to this blog a few months back but now people are sending them to the blog everyday now. I tried to find official photos of Lim Goh Tong granddaughters to compare but to no success, only photos of his children and grandsons could be found online. These supposed photos are spreading fast via email from what I can tell so this might be a good time to post them. And BTW, I would also be posing nude on the roulette table if my grand-daddy was a multi-billionaire with a casino empire. Source:



  1. is that really....i think this is a model hired to frame someone...why would some like her postion would do that...if i were her, as goh tong's grand daughter, would you think i would allow anyone to take my naked pictures? only an idiot think that as goh tong granddaugther would give anyone a chance to blackmail her...after all the lesson of edison and etc...maybe she is retarded...

  2. if u were Lim's grand-daughter, you could do it if u r young and ignorant, or deeply in love with a scum boyfriend. can happen....

  3. the father or mother will ask some one to kill the guy and remove the inter post.
    even to setting fire to the server .

  4. Im a good friend with the Lim family n wants to make it clear that the slut IS NOT LIM GOH TONG'S GRAND DAUGHTER. Just because she pose nude on casino table you think she's part of the Lim family? Stop this slandering people's family or you want get sued 1st?

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