Scandalous Police Beats Up Chinese Businessman Outside Magistrate

PETALING JAYA - A MALAYSIAN businessman has claimed that he was taken round several police stations and badly beaten up by police who also took RM13,000 (S$5,000) of his money.

Mr Chia Buang Hing, a framemaker, said he was kicked and stepped on until he vomited blood, and threatened with more charges when he protested.

He claimed that the series of brutalities took place at the carpark and toilet of a police station in Selangor, the Petaling Jaya police headquarters and outside the magistrate's court in Selangor.

'I was beaten up outside the court after I made a complaint to the magistrate,' the 34-year-old claimed.

The businessman, who recounted his alleged ordeal last Friday, has filed a report against the police and is now considering taking further action.

On Sunday, two policemen, aged 25 and 27, from the Damansara police station were arrested after Mr Chia identified them from a line-up.


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  5. just wondering, what is the outcome for this issue? just realized that nothing was reported after that. case closed.

    any idea?

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