More gays in Kuala Lumpur than in Penang

The men arrested at gay massage parlours and sauna being led to the George Town police headquarters in Patani Road in Penang.

The men arrested at gay massage parlours and sauna being led to the George Town police headquarters in Patani Road in Penang.

Kuala Lumpur is 'gayer' than Penang, according to those in the know.

They said there are more gay joints in KL and gay services could be easily sought in spas that specifically cater to male clientele.

"Some outlets even have daring themes such as 'underwear night' and 'nude night'," said one source who wanted to be known just as "gay boy".

He said a visit to these places could be interesting, adding that one of the outlets was even operated by a blind man.

Another individual, who confessed to being involved in an "alternative lifestyle", however, said not all gays visit such centres.

He said he was aware of a good number of outlets that cater to gay clients but said he was not so desperate.

A reader, Ng Shu Tsung, said society had misunderstood issues relating to gay activities.

"Lesbians, bisexuals, gays and transvestites are often targets of prejudice and ridicule. Any kind of growing conservatism will make this minority group more scared and remain largely underground," he said, adding it was high time issues relating to homosexuality, transsexuality, bisexuality and HIV-AIDS were openly discussed and debated.

It was reported recently that commercial gay sex activities in health clubs in Penang were rampant, with police swooping in on such clubs.

In Penang, community service officer for HIV-AIDS and marginalised groups Yap Peng Huat said health clubs and massage parlours offering male masseurs should not be perceived in a bad light.

"It is an injustice to both operators and patrons of such outlets. Some people prefer male masseurs because they feel comfortable with the masseurs.

"This minority group of people need a place to call their own, and such outlets are suitable for them," Yap said when contacted on Monday.

He was commenting on the recent police crackdown on gay sex activities at health clubs in the island.

It was earlier reported that Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakob had called on the local authorities not to renew the licences of health and fitness outlets used for illicit activities.

The Penang Municipal Council recently stated that it would either cancel or not renew licences of such establishments if police reports were lodged against them.

Last year police in Penang nabbed 47 suspected gay workers, including Malaysians and foreigners from Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia.

Within the first two months of the year, 26 gay sex workers were also nabbed.


  1. under malaysia existing law, the police has no rights to arrest gays, crossdressers, sex workers unless there was an exchange of money for sex. even that, having sex is individual rights. Most of the time, the low graded policemen will have to release these arrested citizens with no charge.

  2. padan muka... hahahaha

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  4. erm..i don't know what will happen with our malaysia..