Couple Making Love in Engineering School corridor

Engineering students were never taught on proper way to do homely things like making love in the right place, for example.

This is what you would call "getting caught red handed with your pants down" but you have to feel a bit sorry for these two. Making love in public is fun because of the risk of getting caught however it sure sucks when you do get caught. And in the age of the Internet and camera phones, getting caught on video having your pants down in a Malaysian university or technical school building is like getting caught having sex in Time Square by CNN. Someone who will remain anonymous sent the video to with a full description, here is the email:

Hey guys...a friend of mine bluetoothed me this video...its a video of an indian couple in m'sia who was caught red handed shagging each other...please keep my email anonymous...if my sources are right...i think this couple are from an Engineering School called GMI based in Klang...tats all =)

Damn, it's tough to find a place at some of these engineering schools to have screw without some dude with a camera phone recording the action. It seems they were having each other in a hallway to a staircase or an indoor balcony. The video is short as hell but you will get the point. Public coitus is fun but sometimes you get caught and if you are really unlucky, you get caught on video in what is essentially a Muslim country. Anyway, the look on the faces of this coupe is priceless but I was left wanting to see more of the Indian chick.

If you really want to see this pathetic 30sec video, here is the download link...

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