Andy Lau and Carol Chu Hand-in-Hand

After 24 years, Andy Lau and girl friend Carol appeared together as a couple holding hand in hand in front of the media. Some reports said Carol has been waiting for the day to ascertain her position as Andy's other half in public and that they will be getting married one day.

Andy was in Kuala Lumpur the past week, but he was accused of being a so called son-in-law who failed to show his presence in the funeral. However, Andy was seen on the 7th day in a blessing ceremony after the funeral, that proved his position as Mr. Zhu's son-in-law. He arrived back to Hong Kong with Carol, knowing that the reporters would be waiting for them. Andy let go Carol's hand when he saw the reporters.

Reporters asked him now that his relationship with Carol has been exposed, is he going to make an honest woman of her? Andy, who was still wearing his mask did not reply, and they both rushed towards the VIP lounge together. There have been reports that their children were also hiding in Hong Kong because Andy doesn't want them to be seen by the media. When one of the reporters shouted for Andy, he gave him a dirty look.

Andy has been in the entertainment industry since 1981, there was only one reported love affair with a Taiwan girl Yu Ke-hsin (喻可欣). When that affair was exposed, Andy hasn't dated any one till he met Carol. There have been three occasions that they were getting married, but they were only rumors. As Mr.Zhu did not see his daughter getting married before he died, some reporters were speculating that Andy may follow Malaysia's tradition to marry Carol within 100 days after his death.

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  1. Warning, please give credit to AVN and the translator R.E.D who translated the article

  2. what big deal being actor ????? hiding the relationship ??? andy u r old already ... for what u hiding u relationship . why not share the joy with your fans