Karen Ang Miss Malaysia 2002 in leaked photos scandal

Karen Ang Lit Eit (32 year-old) is a Malaysian beauty queen and model. She was a stewardess before winning Miss Malaysia 2002.

Karen Ang engaging in some wholesome sexual activity. It is a cheeky way to getting royally bukkake. We may not have heard of Karen Ang before and not too much information was attached to these pictures. Don't know if its really her but a couple of people have been forwarding them to GutterUncensored so I will let you decide for yourselves. Karen Ang seem to be a lady of many talents and interest and that includes sex gymnastic.

These pics appeared to be taken from a camvideo so the authenticity are in question until some kind soul can send us the full video with audio. Hopefully a Miss Malaysia didn't have to turn to making porn. I would like to know if this is real and if it was made before or after the whole Miss Malaysia thing. There is a strong possibility the guy is one of the judge in the final. That would make it a full corruption scandal as well. The tanned skin of the man indicate that he is a Malay or Indian. Some royalty or minister could be involved here, to help her gets the title.

Karen Ang Lit Eit (32 year-old) is a Malaysian beauty queen and model. She was a stewardess before winning Miss Malaysia 2002.



  1. I hv the vid for this but it's not even Karen...

  2. I know her.. pics are not of her. Don't be sad guys..

  3. is she using a diffren name??

  4. i had this video 3-4 years back, on the vid it says 'cindy & bryan'...
    dun recall onced the name 'karen' was mentioned.

  5. Ala, come on, don't try to cover up for her. It is too obvious, it is her. Or are you her?

  6. COnfirm 100% not her la!! See oso different. If u guys think is same ppl then u guys is blind!!

  7. Her nose and her eyes tells the deferent

  8. It's a look alike..I've seen the video before..the girl in the video have american accent english...hehe

  9. karen ang is dementia anubear. she has no sex scandal wit noynoy. not that we know of. nuninuninu

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    has all the sex videos

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  12. i want to fuck her !!!

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  14. see her sexy pics more http://bit.ly/ejMNDY

  15. striking similarities but it's not her>.Met her before many years back and the difference is still obvious.