Han Bee Yin Malaysian Nurse Sex Scandal Nude Photos

Interviewing with reporter of Guangming Daily (Penang):

Dear Mr Gutter,

I like your blog so much that it would be a sin if I don't contribute to this blog. The following attachment is from PENANG, MALAYSIA. The girl in the pictures is called " HAN BEE YIN " who work as a nurse in a hospital located in PENANG named " LAM WAH EE ". From my source , it is believed that she ( Han Bee Yin ) while working as a nurse, will also flirt with rich old men to get money and end up having sex with them.

- Max

Another contributor, lycan sent this email with the pictures also attached on December 12, 2008:

Just rec this moment ago . Base on the uniform and tag she is a nurse in one of the local hospital in Penang

Here is the link to the hospital
Check out the tag against the logo on the website

lycan @ Malaysia

Yet another contributor, Aude sent this email with the pictures also with attached December 10, 2008:

All ladies and gentlemen! Beware this vamper/vixen girl HAN BEE YIN. ( IC NO: 810410-02-5820 ) please donʼt be cheated by her appearance, and donʼt let her work as nurse to cheat you, because she is a swindler.

She likes enticing otherʼs husband, and liking destroying others' family. She loved money very much and she will cheat otherʼs money without feelings for the guy. When her intention / objective achieved, she will not care about you anymore. This not only 1 or 2 cases but a lot of times already. Please beware of her and you would not become the next victim.

She is a sex player and love to have sex with guys more then 40+ to 50+ of age, mostly from KL, penang, johor, Singapore, Italy, America and etc, if you meet her requirements; you can have sex with her. She is the sex service provider to old men more then 40+ to 50+, and guy who are married ..She can having sex with you today and then tomorrow will be another guy. Today she said she loves you very much and tomorrow will be another, without any feeling for you anymore. Unless you still have used for her.


And, the second thing is that I kinda felt sorry for her because I like nurses but the monkey is now out of the bag. Source: www.GutterUncensored.com

Han with a dirty old man. If I am not wrong those photos were released by her ex-boyfriend, and Aude sounded very much like the sour grape doing the grieving here. Hee hee.



  1. She looked ordinary lah.

  2. those guys using her for sex and she using them for money.its even.i dont know y they brought up these kind of issue.peace

  3. wow....apek also can? not bad...eventhough someone want embarrass you...but they got their points. since you are in professional line, please lah...have some decency

  4. what she was posing may be for her own viewing but not exciting

  5. Have pussy will travel.